Here You Will Find Helpful Information Regarding Tournaments

Handicap Information
You must have 5 scores entered into the GHIN computer and a GHIN revision must also be completed before you can have an established handicap. GHIN revisions occur on a regular basis. The schedule for revision dates is posted in our ProShop. If you do not have a handicap and sign up for a tournament, you will be playing as a scratch (0) golfer. You can easily check the status of your handicap by doing a lookup on the GHIN PC in the ProShop, or going to
Signing Up For Tournaments
All Men's Club Tournament signups are done through When registration becomes available for a tournament, you will receive an email from our head pro explaining the details. More information will be made available here soon.
Posting Of Tournament Scores
Your tournament score will be automatically posted if the tournament is apostable event. Scrambles & Shambles, etc. for obvious reasons, will not. Please do not double post. A sign will be displayed on the GHIN PC in the ProShop on the day of the tournament reminding you that the scores will be posted for you.
Maximum of 10 Shot Differential For Flighted Tournaments
There can be no more than a 10 stroke difference between your lowest handicap player, and your highest handicap player in flighted tournaments. This pertains to both 2 man & 4 man events. If you elect to include players with wider margins, we will adjust the handicaps accordingly, making certain that the 10 shot rule applies. This rule levels out the playing field for everyone!
Tournament Rule Sheets
Every Tournament will have Rules. They are generally printed and stapled to the tournament scorecards. It is your responsibility to read them. Along with the rules of the tournament, there will be a prize list printed.
How We Determine Winners In Case Of Ties
In Case of ties, we will always use the USGA recommended method for First & Last Place. Here is how that works:
1) Total score for the BACK 9 is calculated.
2) If that results in the same score, the total score for the BACK 6 ( Holes 13 thru 18) is calculated.
3) If that results in the same score, the total score for the BACK 3 ( Holes 16 thru 18) is calculated.
4) If that results in the same score, the total score for the BACK 1 ( Hole 18) is used.
5) If all that STILL results in a tie, the whole procedure is repeated on the FRONT NINE (Front 9, Front 6, Front 1)
Check Your Starting Times & Tournament Results Online!
Starting times for tournaments will be posted no later than the Wednesday before the tournament. It is available under the "Tournament Info" Section on this site. If a tournament is flighted, the flight reports will also be listed.

Tournament results are also posted here. Once the ProShop has completed the scoring and determined the results, they are given to us and we post them. We all try our best to have all this done by the Wednesday following the tournament. Please be patient, we are all working hard to get the results to you as fast as possible.

Cancellation Of Tournament Due To Bad Weather
As everyone knows, we cannot control Mother Nature. From time to time, the course will not be playable and/or carts will not be allowed on the course. It is at that time that the decision to cancel the tournament is made. There will be NO Makeup dates for tournaments. ALL ENTRY FEES ARE CONVERTED TO PROSHOP CREDIT IF A TOURNAMENT GETS CANCELLED.
Information Regarding The Day Of The Tournament And Failure To Show Up
- You are expected to be ready for the tee at least 20 minutes BEFORE your assigned tee time.

- If you are not going to make a tournament that you have signed up for, you must contact the pro shop at least 24 hours before. We realize that emergencies do occur. In order to protect the field, give as much notice as possible.

- If you drop out of a qualifying tournament for a Special Event (ie NEPGA), you will become ineligible for any other special event tournaments for one (1) year.

- Failure to show up for a team event without due notice WILL result in a two (2) tournament suspension.

- You will not be penalized for failure to show up for an individual event. However, there is no refund of entry fees.

These rules are meant to protect the field in our tournaments and help them run smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact any board member.

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