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THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL HOME OF TIMBERLIN GOLF COURSE. For tee times, Tournament info, etc., Please visit www.TimberlinGolf.com

Over the next several months, the Timberlin Men's Golf Club will be transitioning over to Golf Genius for all things related to this club. This website will eventually go away. For additional information about the Mens Club including Membership Renewal, Tournament Schedule and Results please visit Golf Genius at GolfGenius.com and use GGID: TGCMensClub2022. If we do not have your email or if it is different from the one we have on file, please notify us by email to Info@TimberlinGC.com

Members are now able to renew online for a small service fee.
* If you want to join and sign up online, you MUST be holding an ACTIVE GHIN number. If you do not have one, please click on the link to get an application on the left and mail it in, along with your check.

Click here to join or renew - GolfGenius.com and use GGID: TGCMensClub2022.

If you are between the ages of 16-26 and still a student, you are entitled to join the Men's club for $30.00 with no initiation fee. Renewal fee is $30 per year while you are still in school!

Later Tee Times!

For those of you who cannot participate in a tournament due to other committments in the morning, you may now sign up for a late tee time**, which will begin at 11:30AM. This is open for ALL Men's Club Tournaments. Simply ask for a Late Tee Time envelope when signing up.

For Individual and Twosome Events, a minimum of 4 players must participate in this second wave.

To Post, or Not To Post
With the new season approaching, Please take the time to Read this very informative article. You are encouraged to post your scores whenever possible. These guidelines should help you decide whether or not your score should be posted. Click Here

Hey Guys .... While We're Young!
The next time you play, please help everyone on the course enjoy their day by following a few of these easy guidelines for speeding up pace:

- Play READY golf; be ready to play when it is your turn.
- Read your putt while others are putting.
- Walk ahead as far as is safe. DO NOT move as a group from shot to shot.
- Call ahead for any food purchases at the turn
- Do all scorekeeping on the teeing ground of the next hole, NOT on the green of the current hole.
- If you are the first or second person to finish the hole, put your clubs away and be ready to go to the next hole, let the third person to finish put the flagstick back in.
- Set your clubs (or park your cart) between the flagstick and the next tee box to minimize time between holes.
- Golf is a social game, but limit socializing to times when it is appropriate such as the putting green and teeing ground (when the group is closer together), but do so in a manner so as to not slow down the progress of the group.
- Be an athlete, walk fast.
- When on carts, be willing to take many clubs and walk to your ball if your riding partner is not near you, do not wait for the partner to bring the cart to you.
- If you are playing a Team Tournament and the score is not being posted and you are out of the hole, Please PICK UP.
- Help the others in your group, watch everyone’s shots and track them so they can quickly find them.
- Remember that your place on the golf course is directly behind the group in front of you, NOT in front of the group behind you!

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